Sunday, January 3, 2010

'The Dress' Status Update - DISASTER!

Today was not a good day for sewing...

Whilst fitting my dress today with my mum, I pricked my finger on a pin* & bled on the lining of the dress**. Mum & I spent the next 10mins frantically trying to blot the lining with a damp cloth without touching the silk for fear of staining it & then drying it with a hairdryer!

The whole scene was quite ridiculous, but the crisis was averted.

Not three hours later, whilst switching to a different stitch to finish a seam, the stitch style selector knob on my sewing machine broke! I was most upset & could not immediately fix it. Luckily, the crisis was once again averted as I'm staying at my parent's house to sew my dress, so my Mum quickly set up her machine & we continued on.

Unfortunately the third crisis got the better of us. Mum was sewing together some very delicate lace pieces with a very small stitch & accidently sewed the wrong pieces together, leading to a seam on the 'outside'. Because of the delicate nature of the lace & the very small stitches it cannot be unpicked without destroying the lace, so we will have to head back to the fabric store later in the week & buy some more lace. Needless to say my Mum was most upset about the whole ordeal, but I'm positive we can fix it.

Tomorrow I will finish as much as possible & then wait for the fabric store to re-open after their Christmas break before heading back with Mum & getting some more lace.

*Like my favourite Disney princess***.
**Unlike my favourite Disney princess who fell asleep for 100 years
***In case you were wondering my favourite non-Disney princess is from the fairytale 'The Princess & The Pea'. Yes there is a girl inside this engineer :)

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