Monday, January 25, 2010

2010 Malanka Dress No.1

So after all the drama… here is rundown on the outfit I wore to Geelong Malanka.

What I’m wearing: Self-made dress, Karen Millen shoes & bag.
Pattern used: Not sure, because I can’t find it :S
Fabric used: Embroidered cotton blend for the skirt, silk for the waistband (I couldn’t believe it either - it almost looks like denim) & silk satin for the halter neck. All from Stitches in Armadale (one of my favourite fabric stores).
Cost: This one was a little more expensive than normal, the embroidered cotton blend was $143 a metre, the ‘denim’ silk was $130 a metre & the silk satin was $44 a metre. I worked with the ladies in the store to work out exactly how much I would need even though I didn’t have the pattern with me, so the total ended up at $184.40.
What I like: The colours of the skirt, it was quite warm that day & I felt really cool in this dress. It’s strange but I think the colours help with that…
What I don’t like: I had a lot of trouble with the halter neck & getting it to sit right. My fit model is broken at the moment & I find it REALLY hard to fit this kind of stuff on myself. I’m still not completely happy with it, it still gaps & creases a little in places.
What’s next: Project Bridesmaids…

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