Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'The Dress' Status Update - COMPLETE!!! (Almost)

I’m very happy to say that today my mother & I did my final fitting of my wedding dress & we put the pieces of it together.

There are a few small things to be done, there are some buttons that still need to be hand sewn on & we will need to put in a couple of small handstitches here & there to ensure everything sits EXACTLY the way it should, but all the machine sewing is complete. My mum has ever so kindly offered to sew the buttons on this week & we’ll put in the last little stitches in a final fitting shortly before the wedding. So rest assured people, I will not be walking down the aisle naked in March.

I’m feeling really good having finished all the machine sewn bits, I won’t go into too much detail now about it (for fear of spoiling the surprise) but I’ll be put up a few big posts after the wedding with pictures & all.

Ahhh… relaxation at last… Oh wait, bridesmaids… Crap! Better get back to it!*

*Just joking H & V - your dresses are under control :)

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