Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winter Warmth

It's been winter for a couple of weeks now but this week was the first with a real wintery chill about it. On Wednesday I came home from work freezing & so quickly made up this vest to keep me warm. It was super easy to make, I cut out three pieces, the front, back and a long rectangle to add extra volume to the collar and stitched them together. It took about 45-60mins. I love these super quick little projects. Here's some pictures of me being silly in the garden in my new top...

What I'm wearing; homemade pink & grey sleeveless cardigan, white Cotton On top, FCUK waisted belt, old jeans, grey Mimco Tuxedo Femme Lace-Up shoes.

Here's what I like about this top; it's warm & cosy, great for lazying around on a Sunday afternoon, or snuggling up in a movie, it doesn't have any sleeves so I can still do things & not get sleeves caught/dirty.

Here's what I think I'd do differently next time; I might choose a slightly thinner fabric so that I could add more fabric without adding too much bulk to the front.

And a close up of the shoes... My new favourites.

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