Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Backpack's Got Jets

Today I released my inner geek & went to the Star Wars Exhibition at Scienceworks. It was awesome to 11.

R2D2 & I

They had heaps of models there that featured in the older films & ones used in the development of the newer films. Because Scienceworks is a science museum, there were a lot of science based activities you could participate in. The engineer in me had a lot of fun building hover cars & robots & making them travel through little courses. They had the costumes from all of my favourite characters and there were quite a few people dressed up too. I had my photo taken with a life-sized remote control R2D2, which I was super psyched about. You can tell how much fun I was having from the photos, even though I look like a COMPLETE dork.

The robot I built...

Today I was wearing Saba jeans, my fav Zoe Wittner open toe boots & a top I made last weekend. It's a simple black stretch top, except for the big sash I sewed in. I really like how it hangs down, but if I make another I might make the top slightly longer as I keep feeling like I need to pull it down. I was also thing of ways to make the sash in more of a contrast colour. I'm going to try to find some fabric with a gradual colour change, so when in the areas where I sew it to the top it's the same colour as the top, but then it changes into another brighter colour... We'll see if I can find anything suitable.

I also thought I'd post this picture of one of Padme's costumes from Episode I. I really like the bindings around the lower arms & legs (and down over the shoes), over the loose flowing top & pants. I also like how they've allowed a little of the sleeve to poke out from under the bindings & hang over the hands.

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