Friday, June 12, 2009

A New Watch

I've had the same Fossil watch for a number of years & it's now really quite worn out, I've been holding on to it for long past it's use by date because partly for sentiment (it's one of the first gifts my boyfriend gave me) and partly because I love that I can change the leather band on it to match it to my outfit. So in the last couple of months I've been desperately trying to find an appropriate replacement.

Last week I finally found something that I immediately fell in love with... A Mimco bracelet with fob watch. For years I've been lusting after the Mimco fob watch necklaces & then when I saw this bracelet I decided that I finally had to commit! Unfortunately it had sold out in stores, but eBay came through with the goods & my watch arrived in the mail a few days back.

I'm in love! It's so different to all of the other watches I saw. Granted it is not as versatile as my last leather band watch, it's much harder to wear casually & it might be a little harder to wear in summer, but whenever I wear it, all I want to do is check the time. I love opening the fob to check find out what the time will be, it's such a pleasure, though I can't possibly explain why. I love the floral engraving on the fob. I love the heavy, dull, jingly noise it makes when I get a little too animated when talking. I love the weight on my wrist. I love the compliments I get for it, but most of all I love how unique it is.

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