Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Hen's Night

For my Hen’s Night, my bridesmaids organised an awesome night of teppanyaki & karaoke. The only thing I had to do was organise an outfit that would fit in with the theme of ‘a touch of Japan’.

I decided to make something from the Japanese pattern books my (now) husband bought me for Uke Christmas. I picked a design that added a big bow into the front of a standard fitted bodice block. I modified it slightly so that the bow would be at the back instead of the front. Anyway, here are the pictures & details;

What I’m wearing: Self-made dress, Karen Millen shoes & bag.
Pattern used: Self-drawn, based on basic fitted bodice block with a gathered A-line skirt.
Fabric used: Silk from Spotlight
Cost: This dress used about 4 metres of silk in total, so it cost me about $120.
What I like: The hidden pink in the bow. I also really like the length of the skirt. It’s just that tiny bit shorter than what I normally wear, which kind of fit the feel of the night.
What I don’t like: I’m not sure if we ended up tying the bow correctly (after all that effort) as all the instructions are in Japanese & it didn’t look quite like the pictures.

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